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At first, SimpleConsign's monthly expense stressed me out, but I quickly realized I can set up different fees for consigners, vendors, and just about anything. Now I pretty much don't pay anything for the software. I am so happy I made the switch!

Shop owner of Selective Seconds

Selective Seconds
Shop Owner

Some of the reasons I made the transition: multiple terminals, work from anywhere, great price book, great custom reports, easy discounts when we have sales, great training for the program, and above all, great support with a great attitude. Easy peasy.

Martha Velario, Owner of Vintage Vogue

Vintage Vogue
Shop Owner

The onboarding experience was smooth, was completed in less than two weeks, and I didn't even have to stop my operation for one day. SimpleConsign treated me as a partner, and has always been there for me right away when I had an issue.

Karin Sgroi, Owner of Found Consignment Boutique

Found Consignment Boutique
Shop Owner

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ConsignPro loves SimpleConsign

With SimpleConsign, it's easier to manage your business, inventory, and consignors

Offset costs to manage your margin
With flat, tiered, and percentage based buyer or consignor fees you can reduce your operating costs.

Flexible, scalable cloud-based software
Build your business on technology that is future-proof and can scale as you grow.

Run your business from anywhere
Access SimpleConsign remotely from any device  and run your business from wherever you are.

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Integrated Payment Processing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SimplePay?

SimplePay is SimpleConsign’s integrated payments experience. With SimplePay, customers can process payments directly through the SimpleConsign platform, which means checkouts will be accurate every time, rates will be competitive, reporting will be real-time and customizable, payout options will be flexible, and support is always 24/7. 

How do integrated payments save time and money?

Integrated payments means there is a single automated transaction at the point of sale. Because of that, there are no duplicate entries or manual reconciliation required. Transactions and checkouts are accurate every time. 

How is your support better than others?

SimplePay is SimpleConsign's very own integrated payments product. To support this product, we built an in-house team that can provide the white-glove service you need to get up and running. 

And for after hours questions, you have access to Cardpointe for 24/7 support.

What terminals can I use with SimplePay?

Work with our payment specialist to review your options, set it up, and start processing integrated checkouts.

What kind of payment methods does SimplePay support?

We support flexible and modern payment methods like: credit cards, debit cards, contactless, ACH, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

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